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Pine Boards by Interfor: Available from Weyerhaeuser Distribution


Best Choice for Quality and Performance…Interfor Reserve Pine Boards meet or exceed the highest grade specifications thanks to state-of-the-art technology at Interfor’s sawmill in Gilchrist, Oregon. The amazing control and delicate handling of our new Weinig H5000 Highspeed Moulder achieves a finish quality on both faces and edges that is second to none. Before they are wrapped, the boards are end-branded and grade stamped, and waxed on both ends. Custom packaging allows customers to buy smaller units and keep more of the product wrapped for protection. Pine’s high strength-to-weight ratio and relatively straight grain make Interfor Reserve Pine Boards easy to work with, machining to a satin-like finish. They can be finished with paint, stain, lacquer or varnish, and paints and stains do not raise the grain. Pine’s uniform cell structure and moderate shrinkage makes it ideal for work that requires close-fitting joints. It seasons beautifully with minimal splitting, cupping, or warping. Reserve Pine Boards are kiln dried and conditioned to an average MC of 13% so they are stable and easy to store. Weyerhaeuser Distribution has proudly served dealers since 1921 with the best building materials, supported by the industry’s most experienced local sales and service teams. We are committed to growing your business.


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